Best 5 Energy Pills For Bodybuilders, Athletes And Manual Workers

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We need energy to do everything, even something as simple as walking could leave you feeling extremely tired. People with particularly strenuous jobs such as bodybuilders, athletes, or manual workers are constantly using lots of energy.

In the end, we are all looking for easy ways to conserve and build up energy. At this point, most people and athletes tend to turn to performance-enhancing drugs. But what if I told you that there are better, legal ways to reenergize yourself.

Energy pills stimulate your body and fill you with the right amount of energy needed to perform certain tasks.

Day by day, energy pills continue to become more popular among athletes, and people in general who are overstressed, or have certain conditions that warrant serious fatigue. But do these energy pills work? And how will you know the right energy pills to take that will be most efficient and cost-effective?

The energy pills listed below have been properly evaluated, and should be considered based on what you plan on using them for, and how often you plan on taking them.

Why Should You Use Energy Pills?

In case you’re still questioning whether or not to use energy pills, they come with several benefits you should be aware of;

1. They can serve as performance-enhancing drugs. This is useful for athletes who are looking for a legal and safe way to increase their energy levels and physical performance. Energy pills also help reduce muscle pain and sore muscles after extensive workouts.

2. Because of the high caffeine levels in energy pills, they are great in helping people concentrate and stay alert. This is useful to all kinds of workers, even students, who are looking to get their work done quickly and without any distractions.

3. For those trying to lose weight, energy pills are a great option. The excessive amount of energy in your body will lead to more physical activity. This will help you burn fat faster. However, be careful when consuming large doses as it can be harmful, and comes with major side effects.

5 Best Energy Pills You Should Check Out

Energy pills have become almost commonplace in pharmacies and supermarkets. Thus, it’s easy to come across fake energy pills, or very low-quality ones that could end up affecting your health for the worse. To avoid this, we’ve gone ahead to help you select the best energy pills you can find on the market.

When picking the top 5 energy pills, we tried to accommodate several factors. This includes the effectiveness in short term and long term usage, adverse side effects, quality of ingredients, cost of purchase, and of course, consumer reviews. This is to ensure that you know exactly what the pills do, how they work, and their cost.

We also made sure to consider the brand that created the energy pill. It’s always important that you buy pills from a trusted manufacturer. This makes it easier to confirm the effectiveness of the drug, serves as a guarantee if you experience any residual side effects.

So, without further delay, here are our top 5 picks for the best energy pills you should check out;

1. Performance Lab – Energy

Vegans will love this particular energy pill. It has been completely analyzed and confirmed to be vegan safe.

While most energy pills are built on caffeine, Performance Lab contains 0% caffeine. Instead, it makes use of natural ingredients such as R-Lipoic Acid, to build up energy. These ingredients are not at all harmful to the body, as the body produces them naturally when we consume food.

The pills are small in size, making them easy to swallow. In addition, it is gluten-free and doesn’t contain any soy. The structure of its ingredients allows it to be easily absorbed by the body, and to start taking effect immediately. However, it is quite costly. Although, the price is every bit worth the value of the product.

2. Qualia Nootropic Energy

Also vegan safe and gluten-free, the Qualia Nootropic Energy is great for people who are constantly active and working. This includes manual workers, athletes, bodybuilders, and so on. It contains only a small percentage of calories, including around 90mg of caffeine.

A good thing about this product is that it has been test run on a variety of candidates. This provides you with loads of information and reviews you can read to draw your own conclusions about the drug.

The drug is sold in bulk which makes it more cost-effective. And don’t worry about it leaving a bitter taste in your mouth, because it is sweetened to have a fruity taste for easier consumption.

3. STAQ Performer

For those searching for a quick energy boost, this is the perfect drug for you. STAQ Performing begins supplying the body with energy the moment it is consumed. However, it can last multiple hours in the body and leave you feeling fully energized. The drug has little to no side effects unless it is abused.

Besides raising your energy levels, it also helps strengthen your cognition skills. Its effects are usually long term and will leave you feeling better than you’ve ever been.

The capsules are relatively small, and easy to swallow. Although, STAQ Performer is high in caffeine and should not be consumed in large doses. The price is also relatively cheap and affordable.

4. Prolab Caffeine Energy Pills

When it comes to high-quality brands, Prolab has built a reputation for producing some of the best energy supplements on the market. These specially designed caffeine energy pills are made to give you the right amount of energy boost and strength you need, without experiencing the usual anxiety, irritability, and other side effects that usually come with energy pills.

The pills are known to start working within 15 minutes of being in your body. This makes them great for those looking for a midafternoon boost, or something to help them concentrate. They are gluten-free and soy-free.

In addition, they are very affordable and have no obvious disadvantages.

5. Havasu Nutrition Extra Strength Energy Pills

This is another good caffeine-free energy supplement. This drug is both a brain supplement and an energy pill. This makes it a top choice for people looking to increase cognition, or those trying to focus on certain tasks.

It uses a wonderful blend of natural ingredients to give you the best energy boost possible. The drug is also designed to last long in your body, so you won’t get tired easily after taking this. Common side effects of energy pills such as jitters, moodiness, etc. will be avoided because of the lack of caffeine in the drug.

It is great for people working long days, who need something to give them a consistent energy boost. The drug is also flavored so don’t worry about having a bitter aftertaste left in your mouth.

Possible Side Effects of Energy Pills

Compared to other energy supplements, energy pills have very few side effects. People who consume energy pills regularly may experience similar side effects to regular caffeine users. These include;

  • Inability to sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Heart problems
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach pains

While energy pills are extremely effective in building energy, and improving physical performance, like with all drugs, people who consume energy pills in excessively large amounts and abuse them are more likely to experience severe side effects.

What to Consider Before Buying Energy Pills

Like all drugs on the market, you have to be extremely cautious when picking the right energy pill to use. Using the wrong one could lead to various underlying health conditions. We made sure to put each of these factors into consideration when selecting the best 5 energy pills for you, but here are some things you should keep in mind if you decide to use energy pills.

1. Manufacturing Brand – As mentioned before, using a popular brand is always advised. This doesn’t mean that all small, or new brands are fake. However, having a well-known brand name that you can trust is always a great way to confirm the validity of the product.

2. Caffeine Percentage In The Energy Pill – Because of its effectiveness, caffeine is one of the dominant ingredients in energy pills. This isn’t bad. However, energy pills that have more than 200mg of caffeine should be avoided to prevent numerous side effects and health risks.

3. Know the Specific Type of Fatigue You’re Going Through – Depending on the kind of fatigue you’re experiencing, you may require specific ingredients. For example, people experiencing high amounts of exhaustion will need energy pills that are high in magnesium, while people with short concentration or memory span will need something filled with vitamin B.

4. Always consider the addictive quality of energy pills. Remember not to take too much. If you’re someone who has experienced addiction before, it would be best not to take energy pills at all.

5. Level Of Effectiveness – In the end, it’s all about building up energy and increasing performance. If the energy pill you’re using isn’t providing you with enough energy, then it’s probably time to switch to a different one.

Who Shouldn’t Use Energy Pills

Energy pills aren’t considered fully safe for people with certain medical conditions or health problems. Ensure you check with your doctor first to see if the energy pill is safe for consumption.

This isn’t fully bad though. In reality, your body doesn’t need energy supplements such as energy pills. Your body produces energy naturally. So, with a balanced diet and a good sleep schedule, you should be able to stay at the top of your game physically.

You could also try out other forms of building up energy and staying strong. Testosterone boosters are a great option for people who can’t take energy pills, although they are mostly recommended for athletes or people who do strenuous work daily.

How Can You Build Energy Naturally? 

Energy pills are good, and lots of people use them because of their effectiveness. However, there are other ways you could build up energy, either as a supplement to energy pills or as a separate energy building source. These natural ways are simple and very cost-effective and will ensure that you remain at your peak energy level even under stressful conditions. They include;

1. Adequate Sleep – Sleep is one of the best ways to build up your body’s natural energy. When we sleep, it gives our body time to relax and replenish its energy from a long day. In addition, people who don’t sleep enough will often find themselves feeling tired and extreme fatigue.

People who sleep around 8 hours a day are likely to have more natural energy than those who sleep for less than that.

2. Eat Balanced Diet – Your body cannot build up energy if there’s no food for it to build on. Even energy pills are less effective in those who don’t eat well.

People trying to build up energy should consume balanced diet meals, full of lots of vitamins, and other energy-giving foods. This will ensure that your body is producing the maximum amount of energy it can make.

3. Exercise Constantly and Stay Fit – For your body to keep producing its maximum energy, you need to be in good shape and maintain continuous exercise. These exercises don’t have to be extremely strenuous or tasking, just enough for your body to remain at its peak physical level. A long jog every day, and a few minutes of exercise should be enough.

You could also try going on a diet and eating healthier to stay fit.


For those working in very physically tasking jobs, energy pills are a lifesaver. They provide an easy way to increase your body’s energy legally, and without many side effects. And more people continue to see how effective this drug is.

Those who decide to use energy pills or other energy supplements should do adequate research, and consult a doctor to see how well the pill will work for you, including how often you should take it and whether it’s safe to use.

You should also consider adding natural methods to the energy pills for them to work as effectively as it possibly can.

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