The 4 Best HCG Drops That Suppress Appetite And Leads To Weight Loss

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Now more than ever, weight loss has become an aspiration for many people all over the world. Everyone is looking to lose the pesky extra pounds to achieve their dream body image. That said, manufacturers have introduced hundreds of different diets, all of which are supposed to assist you in achieving this ultimate goal.

There are many dietary supplements, exercise plans, and nutritional life hacks meant to help you reach this goal. However, not all are as efficient as they claim. HCG drops are the only fat burning components that deliver on their promise to help you lose weight and retain healthy body muscle mass.

If you are ambitious of a slim body and would like to take that extra step towards that dream self, this is the best place to start. We’ve taken time to sniff out the very best HCG diet drop products in the market today. Rest assured, we’ve reviewed and listed them in the order that we think is convenient and will suit you best.

What is HCG Diet?

You might have heard or read about the 500 calories. These are mostly mentioned and written by medical and fitness professionals whose research indicates that individuals can safely lose weight and stay healthy at only 500 calories daily. This is a shocking revelation to many people, given that most of them consume this in a single meal.

Five hundred calories a day seem unrealistic to many, including us. However, our in-depth analysis confirmed that it is possible to achieve maximum benefits from HCG supplements as long the diet plan is strictly followed. We are aware that most people are concerned whether they will satisfy the Very Low-Calorie Diet standards if they stick to the 500 calorie diet.

We are here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with taking low calories, given you are conscious of your diet per the instructions. There are thousands of people across the globe who are living proof of this fact.

HCG dosages are administered in doses of between 150-200IU. This in mind, it is evident that the supplement isn’t too complicated to handle or manage. Continue reading to find out the four best HCG drops in the market today.

The 4 Best HCG Drops That Works In 2020

#1. Official HCG Diet Drops

The Official HCG Diet drops promise to help you lose up to 1 pound daily without starving or experiencing hunger pangs. The product contains a homeopathic HCG solution that helps the body derive energy from excess fats in the body instead of meals.

Manufactured by NATO Supplements Inc., Official HCG Diet comes with an instructional manual containing recipe eBooks, complete diet plans, the original weight loss protocol, and the new eBook by Dr Simeons titled Pounds and Inches.

The official HCG diet works by triggering the hypothalamus part of the brain to curb hunger and accelerate metabolic rate. This results in fast fat burning. In essence, the product is a proprietary blend that increases HCG levels in the body. 

Moreover, the product has been associated with health benefits where it sustains organs such as the liver and the adrenal system. Remember, full benefits of Official HCG Diet drops can only be achieved if the product is used with a very low-calorie diet.

Typically, the diet works in three stages, as discussed below:

  • First Phase – This is the initiation stage of the HCG diet plan and revolves around teaching you on the best practices to benefit from Official HCG Diet drops.
  • Second Phase – This stage sets you in motion. Once you start using the HCG drops, you will start shedding extra fat. Gradually, you will shed even more after as you reduce the intake of calories.
  • Third Phase – This is the stage where results distinguish Official HCG Diet drops from the myriad of fad diets in saturation today. After achieving your weight loss goals, the next step entails maintenance. You will be guided on the necessary measures to ensure you don’t go back to square one. Most importantly, you are not limited to the number of calories you take as much as take lots of water and avoid unhealthy foods. 

Are you wondering whether Official HCG Diet drops have side effects? We are here to tell you that the drops are tested and confirmed as safe for human use. However, it is common to experience stomach pains and mild bloating for some users.

The low-level intake of calories strains the body. As a result, it is also common to experience irritability, restlessness, and fatigue as the body adjusts to the new conditions. Overall, the ingredients in the Official HCG Diet drops are natural and do not cause adverse side effects.

#2. HCG Warrior

HCG is listed as the active ingredient in this product, and that’s and the reason HCG Warrior has made it to this list. The manufacturers have provided an email and a phone support system, meaning you can never go wrong when you decide to use these drops.

The physical packaging of the product speaks volume. Drops are concentrated in small portable bottles that can last for a very long time. The drops work by steadying metabolism levels so that you continuously burn fat without feeling hungry. In other words, the drops are meant to help you get through fasting more efficiently and safely. 

HCG warrior is administered in various calorie versions including 500, 800, and 1200. The drops work by overcoming challenges associated with weight loss. The ingredients contained in the product help beat hunger by minimizing cravings, although there are times you may struggle with associated side effects.

The various side effects that accompany the use of HCG Warrior include sleeplessness, irritability, restlessness, fatigue, sluggishness, stomach pains, restlessness, increased heart rates, headaches, insomnia, among others.

#3. HCG Complex

complex diet drops - best hcg drops

In today’s market, Complex Diet Drops is the best HCG diet brand. This homeopathic weight loss drop has been in the market since 2010 and, as such, has created a reputable name for itself. The working mechanism of the drops seeks to get rid of excess body fats as the wisest choice towards weight loss.

Given that the product is professionally manufactured and graded, it is not a wonder that the drops can help you lose as many pounds as possible in a day.  Unlike injections, Complex Diet Drops are manufactured in such a way that they give you a different kind of slimming alternative by only dropping the formula underneath your tongue.

Complex Diet Drops is our top-rated HCG product because it has been scientifically tested and proven as safe to produce customer-sworn effects. As a result, these weight loss drops remain as our number one rated diet. Besides, in addition to the high-quality ingredients contained therein, the manufacturers have come with a complete guide on how to get the best out of this diet.

#4. Nu Image

There are many supplements in the market today that all claim to help you lose weight. Have you been trying to lose weight by various means, even exercising six days a week to no avail? Are you worried that your weight is gradually increasing? Worry no more!

The HCG drops by Nu Image is the remedy you have been looking for. The product was manufactured in 2004 by Nu Image Medical. Unlike other homeopathic HCG drops, this one is purely HCG, thus making it better than many other options in the market today.

Nu Image drops are administered under a prescription. This ensures that the product you buy is FDA approved, meaning it is safe and suitable for your health. Throughout the diet phase, you can liaise with official staff members via live chat, email, or phone calls. They will help you with the various options by which you can take the HCG diet, whether you are taking it as an injection, drops, or pellets.

When compared to other related weight loss supplements, Nu Image Medical drops contain the very best ingredients. Notably, the company verbalizes the presence of B12 in their product, which gives users confidence that they will get the best outcome of the HCG drops.

Beginners Guide To HCG Weight Loss

What are HCG Drops?

HCG diet drops are effective alternatives to weight loss due to their ability to speed metabolism and convert the extra weight into energy. Subsequently, you will start filling full so that you are not starved like is the case with most weight-loss diets.

There is a misconception that when you are taking weight loss supplements, you should eat anything you want since you will burn it anytime you want in the gym. This shouldn’t be taken as the truth because, in actuality, it does the opposite – it puts the brakes on weight loss goals.

Unhealthy lifestyles like eating fast foods affect your progress in the journey towards shedding extra fats in the body. High intake of sodium, fats, carbohydrates, and other fattening foods crams your body and not only interferes with your weight but also makes you feel tired, move slower and, overall, affect your health in the long run. Such lifestyles leave you prone to serious health complications. 

The HCG diet is termed to be complete due to its ability to deliver timely results regardless of the form of administration. Additionally, you will be given a nutritional regimen to accompany all your meals.

When a diet is specially prepared for you, it eliminates the burden of having to go down to the grocery shop, wondering what to buy. Besides, you’ll avoid the stress that comes with tracking the right calories for you.

HCG Ingredients List

Although it is produced in high amounts in pregnant women, HCG is a natural water-based hormone present in both men and women. Individuals looking to get their weight under control can use this method, which kicks up metabolism by triggering the body to burn more fat.

If you strictly follow the HCG diet, you will realize that the metabolism rates are maintained at over 30%. This range is efficient for burning fats rather than storing them. This is contrary to other weight loss diets which operate at metabolism rates of about 8%.

The HCG drops only target the excess fat cells and not the ones required by the body. By so doing, the product burns excess fat and literally sculpts the body, making it possible to lose inches if not pounds. What makes HCG supplements specials is that there is no other time that this happens in the human body. This review identified the following ingredients as the main elements that make HCG drops safe and effective.

L – Carnitine

Among other processes, this particular ingredient is responsible for brain and heart functions. It helps the body to generate energy. It is vital for muscle movement as well as other metabolic and immunologic processes.

L – Ornithine

This ingredient increases the efficiency of energy consumption, which attenuates the feeling of fatigue.

L – Tyrosine

This a psychological ingredient that alleviates feelings of stress when dieting.

L – Arginine

Preserve and increases body mass.

Benefits of HCG Drops

The benefits of HCG drops consumed synthetically are similar to those of naturally occurring HCG in the body. HCG operates by affecting the hypothalamus part of the brain and triggering it to release extra fat in the body. Even in small proportions, HCG can cause rapid fat loss.

Researchers have discovered that HCG has high-efficiency rates when used alongside a low-calorie diet. When consumed in this manner, the probability of losing up to twenty pounds every month increases. If you have struggled to lose stubborn pounds in the past to no success, HCG is particularly useful in these circumstances.

Moreover, HCG diet drops are associated with more than just your outlook. It has medical benefits such as reduced blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

How do HCG Drops Work?

The entire process begins in the brain, where the hypothalamus triggers the body to utilize excess fat in the various tissues of the body. The goal is to fuel the body using this fat. In other words, body fats are converted into energy instead of consuming even more calories through scheduled daily meals. By employing this weight loss mechanism, you will remain full and energized at all times, even without having too much food in a day.

Remember, the HCG diet cannot execute the weight loss process on its own. It is important to incorporate exercise and training alongside the diet for maximum benefits. Exercise plays an integral part in ensuring that you get the best out of your HCG diet. No wonder medical practitioners recommend a 30-minute work-out daily if you are using HCG products.

Abiding by these instructions means that you will rip maximum gains and build more muscle. Make sure to monitor your training or exercises. If overdone, these may affect your progress since you are only taking a limited amount of calories. Also, use5rs are advised t start light and put more focus on weight training as opposed to cardio training.

The History of HCG

For a long time in the past, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin was mostly used to help women to conceive safely as well as treat those with fertility issues. HCG works by breaking down excess fats and converting them into energy required by the processes mentioned above. Besides, this kind of energy is also beneficial for the fetus growing within. Later, researchers discovered that HCG could also be used to induce weight loss.

HCG is prescribed either as drops or injections. Keep in mind that licensed doctors are the only ones who can prescribe doses. As much as they are useful, safety can only be assured by a competent individual in the field. Moreover, more costs are incurred when using this process because HCG is directly injected into the muscle tissues.

Conversely, oral drops can be purchased online and don’t necessarily require a prescription from medical practitioners. The chemical processes of succussion and dilution help create HCG diet drops that offer full strength wherever you are looking to lose weight. That said, there are several types of sublingual drops that you need to know before you make a purchase decision. Continue reading to learn more.

Types of HCG Drops

There are two major types of HCG sublingual drops that you should know:

Homeopathic Drops

These drops are formulated by putting together small amounts of HCG hormone to convert them into sublingual supplements that can be orally ingested. The best way to ingest homeopathic drops is by placing them underneath your tongue to increase the absorption rate.

As earlier mentioned, the production process of HCG drops entails dilution and succussion. Succussion is the process by which the product is vigorously shaken during its manufacture, usually with the aid of advanced machines.

However, there is a major mystery associated with homeopathy when it is subjected to a lab test. In the lab, the ingredients therein do not indicate the presence of HCG, which is the most active element in the formula. This happens due to the formation of a unique energetic imprint in the mixture that cannot be identified via a chemical test.  This is the case, as evidenced by a pregnancy test. When you carry out a pregnancy test using a homeopathic version of the test kit, the results yield a negative outcome instead of a positive one and vice versa.

Despite this shortcoming, homeopathic drops work efficiently in the human body if your goal is to shed off extra fat in your body. According to many reviews and testimonials from previous users, oral HCG is one of the few and surest ways to achieve success in your weight loss campaign. 

Prescription Drops

There is a common notion that hormone injections are more effective than drops. The truth of the matter is that these allegations are untrue as they don’t have any tangible evidence. When medical grade HCG is used, it offers similar results as those of injections.

Bearing the fact that you are ingesting a real HCG hormone, it is paramount that you seek approval from a licensed medical practitioner. That’s correct! You’ll need a prescription to get the best out of the HCG drops.

Side effects such as cramps, nausea, headaches, among others, may arise if you fail to follow the instructions for taking the HCG diet. The only way to overcome these effects is by strictly sticking to the 500 calorie diet required for the particular oral drops. Remember, this is not optional; you need to satisfy the directions for the intake of the drops. Also, you will need to intake between 125 and 200 IU of HCG daily for the prescribed duration.

Overall, the above methods are identical and commit to the same techniques of goal.

Who can use the HCG Diet?

Naturally, the HCG hormone is produced by pregnant women. However, the supplement can be used by both genders regardless of age as a weight loss product. Like any other dietary supplement, HCG should not be taken by individuals with existing medical conditions, as this may affect its effectiveness. Overall, the product is safe for consumption and has no substantial side effects.

How is the HCG Diet Prescribed?

The intake of HCG is divided into three phases since it is a very low-fat, low-calorie diet. These are the loading phase, weight loss phase, and maintenance phase. If you are seeking to lose minimal weight, it is advisable to commit up to three weeks in the middle stage. For those seeking maximum weight loss, the best way is to commit up to six weeks of the HCG diet while repeating all the phases if possible.

In the weight loss phase, it is recommended that the user eats two meals a day. This can be divided into lunch and dinner. According to the HCG meals direction manual, meals should contain at least one portion of lean protein, fruit, vegetable, and a piece of bread, and lots of water. Sugars and oils should be avoided at all costs and instead replaced with mineral water, tea, or coffee.

HCG Side Effects

There as some symptoms associated with HCG drops. These are highlighted below:

Most of these symptoms occur due to the low-level calorie intake associated with HCG diets. Many people relate the HCG diet to miserable living, stating that diet leads to starvation.   


It comes down to identifying the various things associated with HCG before making a purchase decision. Before you get involved in this type of diet, you will want to read through our four best HCG drops reviews to make an informed decision.

You will want to know more about the ingredients list as well as the working mechanism of each to determine the right one for you.   

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