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We all want to be tall, but the truth is that, often people get stuck with heights that they don’t like. But what if I told you there was a way to increase your height safely and legally, even after ending puberty.

Height growth pills continue to grow in popularity every day as more people discover just how useful and effective they are. With height growth pills, your body can finally grow to its maximum height. This is great news for naturally short people, people who are dissatisfied with their height, and people with growth hormone deficiencies.

While height growth pills aren’t magic workers, they can help you increase about 2 or more inches past your regular height. However, it can be hard to find height growth pills that will be effective, affordable, and with little to no side effects. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best height growth pills you can find online, along with the common side effects of these pills and everything else you should know about height growth pills before consuming them.

Why Do People Use Height Growth Pills?

At around the age of 20, your bones stop growing. This means that after 20, whatever height you’re in is the height you’ll potentially have for the rest of your life. For short people or people with growth defects, this can be quite disappointing. That’s why height growth pills and other height growth supplements were made to help you achieve the height you want.

While it remains impossible to grow your bones after the age of 20, height growth pills focus on another body part. The spine and its cartilages are able to expand about 0.05 inches each. Height growth pills focus their work on these cartilages and help you increase your height by around 2 to 3 inches.

While this is not a lot, it is way more than what nature can do for you. Because of this, height growth pills have become more popular and have grown commonplace among people looking for a safe and easy way to get taller.

Not only this, most height growth pills are packed with various nutrients and minerals you need to stimulate growth in your body. This makes them a healthy alternative to nutrients supplements. Thus, people who use height growth pills are often well-nourished and in top shape.

However, as with all drugs, you should exercise caution when taking them, as they come with some side effects of their own.

Top 5 Height Growth Pills On the Market

We’ve helped you select the top 5 height growth pills that you should consider. When choosing the height growth pill you want to use, consider the brand, the price, and the ingredients. Be sure that you pick the best height growth pill that is within your budget.

Ingredients are also very important as only height growth pills that are high in certain minerals and vitamins can work effectively. Also, consult your doctor to ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients used in these height growth pills.

Here are the best height growth pills that we’ve picked for you;

1. Peakrise Height Growth Pills

This is a capsule-type pill that boosts your height impressively and keeps your body at peak health. It is made up of various vitamins and minerals mixed to keep your bones, teeth, and other parts of your body strong and ready to grow.

Peakrise is age-safe, so anyone can use it. Height growth patients who use Peakrise are advised to consume only two pills per day. This way, they can avoid the risk of any adverse side effects or health risks.

Peakrise has become extremely popular because of its gluten-free, and sugar-free qualities. It also doesn’t have any artificial growth hormones. Instead, it stimulates the body’s natural growth process to help you grow it is also great at keeping your body well-nourished and full of the right nutrients needed for growth.

2. Bonescience Inc Height Growth Maximizer

Bonescience also comes in capsule form. Aside from stimulating your body and helping you grow, Bonescience helps keep your bones strong and healthy and assists your body in absorbing food and nutrients faster.

Health gurus will love this drug, as it’s made up almost completely of organic materials. It also contains lots of bone-strengthening minerals and vitamins including calcium, spinach, and vitamin D3.

As your body needs to be in peak shape to grow, Bonescience also nourishes your vital organs such as your brain and heart.

People of all ages can consume Bonescience, and it is free of all external preservatives and is gluten-free.

3. Growth Factor Plus

At a certain age, our bones stop growing and there’s nothing we can do to change that. However, there are parts of your body that continue to grow and could help you increase your height if properly utilized. This includes the spine and its cartilages.

Growth Factor Plus focuses on stimulating these cartilages to help maximize your height growth.

Growth Factor Plus is very popular because it works well on older people who have already stopped growing. Besides lengthening your spine and its cartilages, Growth Factor Plus also helps strengthen your spine, cartilages, and the rest of your bones. This will leave you taller and stronger.

Growth Factor Plus is made for adults and should not be used by children.

4. CRD Ayurveda High Max Body Growth Supplement

The formula plan of this drug is specially designed to stimulate height growth, strengthen the bones, teeth, cartilages, and muscles. Users of this drug rarely experience any side effects from it.

While it can be used by all ages, it is advised that people under 16 years of age do not consume this drug. CRD Ayurveda is made up of mostly calcium, as this is the number one body mineral responsible for body growth and strengthening of bones. It also contains millet flour, shatavari, whey protein, and other healthy ingredients.

People love CRD Ayurveda because it is effective for height growth, and attracts no lasting side effects. However, if you want it to work as effectively as possible, you have to take it constantly and wait out the effects till you are satisfied with your growth.

5. Extra Strength L Arginine

This remains one of the most popular health growth pills online, and for good reason.

As the name suggests, extra strength contains an amino acid called L Arginine which is produced naturally in the body. This acid helps in releasing growth hormones into the body and stimulating growth. Extra strength is full of this amino acid and when consumed, can stimulate growth and increase your height.

Extra strength only helps ensure that your immune system is strong and healthy and that your brain is functioning properly.

Extra strength is made for adults, and should not be consumed by children. Users of this drug may experience constipation as a side effect.

Things to Consider Before Using Height Growth Pills

1. Brand – Popular and well-known brands are more trusted sources of high-quality health pills.

2. Cost – In the end, you can’t buy something you can’t afford. Ensure that you purchase the best health growth pill that is within your budget.

3. Customer Reviews – Customer reviews tell you everything you need to know about a product, including a buyer’s first-hand experience with it. Reading multiple customer reviews will help educate you on what the pill is really like.

4. Medical Conditions You Have – Some allergies or medical conditions will not allow you to take certain height growth pills. So, ensure that the pill you choose goes well with your body.

Common Side Effects and Health Risks Associated With Height Growth Pills

Height growth hormones generally have very few side effects. These effects rarely affect users and can be divided into mild side effects and severe side effects. Most side effects of these pills revolve around allergies. This is why it is recommended for you to go through the ingredients of the pill you want to buy, and consult with your doctor before purchasing it.

Mild side effects are more common and often stop a few hours after consuming the pill. They include headaches, muscle pain, and mild allergies.

Severe side effects are more serious and tend to last longer. They include migraines, high cholesterol, numb skin, and so on. If you experience any side effects, contact a doctor immediately so they can curb the situation.

Tips To Help the Pills Work As Effectively As Possible

Here a few tips that can help growth pills work as effectively as possible;

1. Check through the ingredients on the pill bottle to be sure that you’re not allergic to any of them.

2. Remember to read all the side effects and warnings listed in the pill bottle. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting into by taking those pills.

3. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any side effects or allergies you feel are related to the pills.

4. Take the pills when you want to rest, or before you sleep.

5. Stay away from sugary food and carbohydrates while taking height growth pills.

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

7. Drink lots of water.

8. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and stay away from junk food.

When Should You Take Height Growth Pills?

Most height growth pills will specify when they are supposed to be taken, including how many pills should be taken at once. But, in a case where that information is not provided, there are recommended periods you could take these pills. They include;

1. When You’re About To Rest – Our body grows best when we are resting or relaxing. Taking the growth hormone pills before you lie down, or after a busy day gives the pills a chance to work as effectively as possible in secreting growth hormones.

2. Right Before You Go To Bed – Similar to using it before resting, taking height growth pills before you go to bed allows your body to properly secrete the nutrients and hormones it needs to grow properly.

What Other Ways Could Help You Increase Your Height?

While height growth pills are 100% effective and will help you grow, there’s only so much they can do. There are other things you could try to assist the height growth pills, or even separate methods that could prompt your body’s natural growth. They include;

1. Sleep Well – Adequate sleep for about 8 hours every day gives your body time to produce more growth hormones, which helps in the long term increase of your height.

2. East Balanced Meals – Meals rich in calcium, vegetables, proteins, fruits, among other nutrients help strengthen your bones and assist in the growth process.

3. Exercise And Stay Fit – Exercise helps strengthen your bones, and allows them to grow properly and at the right time.

4. Try Out Other Growth Supplements – Height growth pills are not the only growth supplements on the market. There are other equally effective growth pills and supplements you could take to help increase your height. A good example of this is testosterone boosters which supply your body with an increase in the growth hormone, testosterone. This could greatly affect your height and help you grow.

5. Maintain a Good Posture – People often overlook this but good posture goes a long way in increasing your height. If you are someone who slouches regularly, you will tend to look and measure short than you actually are.


The type of product you choose, including the ingredients used in the production of that pill, will go a long way in helping you grow.

Before you use any of these pills, make sure you consult a certified medical professional to discuss the possible health risks, and whether or not they are safe to consume. Your doctor could also help you decide if you should be taking height growth pills at all.

Customer reviews are also important, as they tell first-hand stories of other buyers. So ensure you read lots of reviews on the product before purchasing it.

Eating healthy will also help assist these height pills and help them function at their best capacity.

All in all, the height growth pills recommended here are 100% going to help you grow, and increase in height.

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