4 Best Semen Volume Enhancers to Boost up your Sperm

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Infertility in males could become a serious problem, especially in marriages, because it could cause a setback in childbearing. Also, sexual performance in some males is extremely low and this could bring up issues in the relationship.

Research has revealed that the rate at which males ejaculate plays a major role in their general well-being, sperm count, and health. Here is the question: Do you produce the required semen to have the best bedroom pleasure?

This is why purchasing the best semen enhancement pills is very necessary because they aid in boosting up your sperm volume and are well-known for treating fertility issues in males. Check out these natural semen enhancing products listed below.

What are the best semen enhancers to boost up sperm volume? The best semen enhancers to boost up sperm volume are:

  1. Semenax Male Enhancement Supplements
  2. Volume Pills
  3. Max Performer
  4. VigRX fertility factor 5

We know how difficult it could be choosing a product for this purpose due to the countless options out there in the market; And the Good news? We have taken our time to review the best semen enhancers that will surely increase your orgasm’s intensity, and ensure sexual satisfaction

4 Best Semen Enhancers to Boost up your Sperm Volume with Reviews

#1. Semenax : The Best Semen Volume Booster

Semenax is a powerful and well-known enhancement pill for males that ensures the volume of semen ejaculated is enhanced by about 70%.

It is composed of 100% natural formula, making it possible to increase your orgasm’s intensity without having a feel of some negative side effects experienced by some other male enhancement pills to boost sperm volume.

What does this mean for you? This product is highly recommended for young men who also wish to enhance and increase sperm volume. It is also a suitable option for those that just want to have better orgasms. When we talk about relationships and dating, sexual satisfaction is one vital part that needs to be well considered.

Just like other sperm booster pills for males, it will only remain effective as long as you keep taking it. But wait, let me tell you something. This is not a good option for guys that seek permanent changes to their overall sexual health, though there could be longer-lasting mental benefits.

How Does Semenax Work?

From the name, it is a semen volume enhancer. It was formulated from high-quality natural ingredients; this is the major reason why the supplement yields great results.

The manufacturer has revealed that Semenax helps in enhancing the prostate gland fluids, the seminal plasma, the bulbourethral fluids, and the seminal vesicle fluids. It increases the availability of semen which then helps in intensifying the orgasms’ force.

How to Use Semenax

To work effectively like a porn star would take 4 capsules every day. Avoid taking more than the dose recommended because it will not hasten or accelerate the result.

Ingredients Used in Semenax

The ingredients used in Semenax are the major reasons behind its ability to increase the volume of semen. This 100% natural product has gone a long way in taking the orgasms of men to greater heights.

The secret here is that the formula doesn’t matter, just the dosage does. If you take in too much, the user may be faced with some health challenges. Also, with little amounts, you may not see any results.

These ingredients include:

  • L-Lysine: This is a testosterone and sperm booster. When it is combined with zinc, this supplement can help in aiding the potency of males radically.
  • L-Arginine: Research has revealed that L-Arginine helps in doubling the volume of sperm and semen produced. This is also utilized in producing nitric oxide that helps in overall circulatory health. This helps in increasing the flow of blood to the penis, helping it remain harder and have intense erections.
  • Swedish flower pollen: This is very rich in some micro-nutrients which play a vital role in helping the male reproductive system; it brings sexual pleasure and virility. This is also important in semen production.
  • Zinc Aspartate and Zinc Oxide: Both supplements to boost sperm production help in increasing the concentration as well as the mobility of sperm
  • Epimedium Sagittatum: This aphrodisiac helps in increasing the flow of blood to the penis. Also, it helps in enhancing libido. Generally, it increases fertility and boosts male’s penile function.

Other ingredients present in Semenax are Vitamin E, pumpkin seed, Hawthorne, sarsaparilla, Butea Superba, Maca, Muira Puama, Catuaba bark, cranberry extract, and Avena sativa extract.


  • This formula is all-natural with no side effects
  • Helps you to last very long in bed
  • Helps to enhance your metabolism
  • Increases sperm quality and count


  • This formula is expensive
  • The effects are only temporary
  • You have to take four pills daily

If you love these great features, order yours now! You can buy it at official website. Click the link below

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#2. Volume Pills

Volume pills can be referred to as supplements that help in semen enhancement. This erectile dysfunction pills also boost semen volume. These supplements are unique in nature and are very capable of transforming your bedroom into an arena of pleasure.

How does Volume Pills work?

Already, Volume pills help in enhancing the production of semen. This happens when the pill works in simulating the tissues in the body and then releases a substance that increases the user’s level of sexual urge. This increases the flow of blood to the penis.

When this happens, the muscles of the penis contract harder, causing more semen to ejaculate. Once again, this supplementation on a daily basis ensures that the volume of the fluid increases, which leads to more sexual pleasure and intense orgasm.

What to Expect when Using Volume Pills

  • There will be an increase in the volume of semen
  • Users will have better control over their erections
  • It ensures better sexual enjoyment
  • It gives longer climaxes
  • There will be an increase of blood flow down to the penis
  • Stronger, bigger, and harder erections
  • Increase in the level of testosterone

How Volume Pills is Used

Normally, 2 tablets daily is the recommended dosage. With this daily intake, users will get the desired results at a quicker rate.

Ingredients Used in Volume Pills

The manufacturer has revealed that the formula can nourish the reproductive system of males. The major ingredients are highlighted below:

  • Solidilin: This helps in increasing the sexual desire of men
  • Hong hua fen and Xi Lan Rou Gui: This helps in increasing the flow of blood to the penis, leading to harder as well as bigger erections
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao: This helps in boosting the production of testosterone and helps to improve sexual drive
  • San Guo Mu: This helps in regulating blood pressure. It also helps in preventing erectile dysfunction
  • Ling Zhi: This increases the sexual stamina of users
  • Fucus Vesiculosus: This helps in enhancing overall sexual health
  • Zinc Gluconate: Ensures sexual stamina
  • Tian Men Dong: This is great for impotent men
  • Xian Mao: This serves as an aphrodisiac
  • Ku Gua: This boosts the level of testosterone and improves the production of semen
  • Drilizen: This boosts testosterone
  • Apigen: This helps in optimizing the general health of the sexual organ.


  • No need for a prescription
  • Ingredients used have been clinically studied
  • User reviews have been positive


  • Only suitable for men that are 18 years of age and older
  • It may take some months before you see visible changes
  • The product is expensive

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#3. Max Performer

Max Performer is a sperm enhancer that is designed with the intention to boost the production of sperm in men. This product is mainly made of ingredients that contain nutrients that enhance sperm count. It can also boost blood flow to the penis. Max Performer has been available for the past four years and has proved to be one of the most effective semen enhancers for bigger loads. This product will not only boost your sperm count, but it will also boost your libido and enhance your penis size.

How Max Performer works?

Max Performer contains natural ingredients that improve the flow of blood to the penis, enhance libido and energy that give a satisfying and pleasurable bedroom experience. With a combination of 13 different ingredients, this product provides you with nutrients that help to boost the level of testosterone in the body.

Max Performer ensures long-lasting confidence, enhancement of the size of the penis, sustained erection, harder and thicker experience. When properly used as prescribed by the doctor, you will get results as soon as possible. Most times, two pills of this magical product are recommended for a day. This product is reasonably priced; hence it is affordable for most people.  

With this high-quality sperm enhancement product, you don’t need to look further at increasing your sexual performance. To get the best results, Max Performer is recommended for at least 3 months. This provides a 100% money-back guarantee to users. This sperm enhancer rectifies the dysfunctions in the male sexual organs. This product is a one-time solution for all sex-related problems. Max Performer also helps to enlarge the penis. 

Ingredients Used

Max Performer contains supplements like Zinc, Bioperine, Cordyceps, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Iron, Rioflavin, Maca root extracts, Red Korean Ginseng, cyanocobalamin, Iron, and Selenuim,   These nutrients help to eliminate the deficiencies and sex-related problems experienced by men. Zinc is a vital nutrient that is needed for the production of semen and maintenance of proper prostate function.


  • It is safe and healthy for every man
  • Increases stamina during sexual activities
  • Increases erection size and strength
  • Combines scientifically-proven ingredients 
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Offers discounts on large orders
  • Made from natural herbs


  • This product can only be ordered from the official website
  • Takes a while to see results

You can buy it here: https://www.maxperformer.com/shop/#a_aid=5d55925cdc859&a_bid=255a146c

#4. VigRX Fertility Factor 5

The VigRX fertility factor 5 is a male virility supplement made from 100% natural ingredients. This can be referred to as the best product to enhance semen volume. This match pill is impeccable to Semenax and it is great for guys battling with performance, erection quality, libido support, and most importantly low sperm count.

VigRX fertility factor 5 comes with some ingredients that help in producing more semen volume. As a result, you get more intense and satisfying ejaculations.

How does VigRX fertility factor 5 work?

The VigRX fertility factor helps in improving fertility conditions among males. This supplement begins to work in males by performing these tasks.

  • Strengthens the libido of males
  • Raises sperm count
  • Enhances sperm count quality
  • Increases male sperm motility
  • Better sperm morphology

How to Use VigRX fertility factor 5

The recommended dosage is two tablets every day. To get the best results, it should be taken during meals.

Ingredients Used

It is very important to know the five magical ingredients used in VigRX fertility factor 5, which actively treats men of male infertility. This great supplement helps in raising the libido of men, as well as gives their sperm a healthy life. These active ingredients include:

  • Tongkat Ali LJ100

Tongkat Ali is an Asian herb, well-known to treat men’s fertility issues. This is present in the VigRX fertility factor 5 semen enhancer, and it is well-known to have a very high potency level. Some scientific studies revealed that this ingredient works to heal sexual drive, and ensures a healthy sperm life.

  • Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is usually utilized in many health-related supplements. This is one good reason why it is ranked among the best when it comes to healing the fertility issues of men. It also has the ability to improve sperm health and sexual drive among males.

  • Selenium

Selenium is another known nutrient for treating sperm deficiencies. Just like zinc mineral, it is also important for males suffering from infertility problems.

  • Zinc

A major cause of most sperm deficiencies is the lack of zinc. Zinc is one of the most important minerals that help in improving sperm health. Among several other studies, there were reports that man having infertility issues had low levels of zinc. This is why it is highly recommended that men ensure they have a dose of zinc in their daily meals.

  • BioPerine

BioPerine is 100% organic in nature, and it can be called a healthy turbocharger. When this ingredient is mixed with other ingredients, it becomes very effective. It originates from piper Nigrum fruits.


  • Ensures the effective motility of sperm
  • It can be utilized with other effective supplements
  • Helps in increasing sperm count
  • Essential nutrients available
  • Helps males recover from infertility


  • Presently, there are no side effects when using VigRX fertility factor 5

You can buy it here: https://www.fertilityfactor5.com/cart/

Buying Guide

What to Consider Before Purchasing Semen Enhancer

As we grow older, our sexual function gets to diminish. Male enhancement supplements are made to help men improve their sexual life. These products combine ingredients that help to boost sperm count, strength, and libido. They also help testosterone production and increase the flow of blood to the penis.  These products can be used by both older and younger men.

 It is very important you understand that male enhancement supplements are not only meant for men who suffer from sexual deficiencies but can also be used to improve men’s sexual health generally. These products are a better alternative for men who wouldn’t like to visit a doctor. Some people feel shy to speak about their sexual dysfunction since it is a very sensitive issue. 

When you order these supplements online you tend to enjoy privacy. Male enhancer supplements offer a lot of benefits.  No man likes to perform badly on the bed; every man out there loves to please their female partner. These products will help you have a satisfying and pleasurable bedtime experience with your partner. If these products are taken as recommended, you would be glad you made the right decisions. 

How do these Semen Enhancers boost Semen Production?

There are virtually several ways to increase semen volume, balanced diets, healthy lifestyle, and exercises have proved to boost sperm count. However, the intake of sperm enhancers can help to speed up results. These semen enhancers contain healthy ingredients that increase ejaculation volume. They strengthen ejaculation thus making it more powerful and harder.

How do they achieve this?

Sperm enhancers help to:

  • Increase the flow of blood
  • Support the production of testosterone
  • Boost the creation of more semen
  • Enlarges the penis

When a man produces more semen, the muscles are forced to reach a wider and longer climax during the orgasm process. WebMD revealed that the intake of nutritional supplements helps to boost sperm count. So, you don’t need to feel weird using them.

Related Questions

How to increase semen volume?

According to research, sodium D-aspartic acid supplements boost sperm volume and motility. To boost your semen volume, you will need to increase the intake of food that contains a high proportion of sodium D-aspartic acid and vitamin B12. Feeding on meats, poultry, and dairy products will be of great help.

Does vitamin B12 help sperm?

Vitamin B12 can help to increase sperm counts in men. Lack of vitamin B12 can result in low sperm counts. According to research, vitamin B12 supplements can boost sperm count and activity

Are semen enhancers healthy and safe to use?

Semen enhancers are very healthy and safe to use as they are made from natural herbs that help to enhance the creation of more semen. Most of the ingredients used in the production of these semen enhancers are natural and are very healthy for the body.

How do semen enhancers work?

Semen enhancers stimulate the production of more semen, which results in more powerful and harder ejaculation. These enhancers make use of natural ingredients to help boost semen production.

What are the best sperm enhancers?

The best sperm enhancers are listed above that effectively help in semen enhancement. They mainly contain nutrients that enhance sperm count. They also boost blood flow to the penis.

Can I purchase semen enhancers over the counter?

When purchasing semen enhancers, it is advisable you purchase from a trusted and reliable website to get safe products. Purchasing male enhancement products over the counter isn’ safe as you might end up getting fake products.

What happens if sperm is released daily?

When a man releases sperm daily, it won’t make the body run out. The male body produces millions of sperm daily, although the average sperm takes about 74 days to mature fully. You don’t need to worry about the effects of daily ejaculation if you have normal sperm counts. 

What does healthy sperm look like?

Semen is thick and whitish, although some conditions can affect the consistency and color of semen. One of the signs of low sperm count is watery semen. Sometimes, clear, thin semen might not indicate a serious health concern.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

When you use sperm enhancers, you will need to wait for about 2 weeks to start getting results. Since these products perform other functions like increasing blood flow and supporting testosterone, it takes a while to get results.

Do sperm enhancers have side effects?

Most sperm enhancement products don’t have side effects since they are made with natural ingredients. These products are safe and healthy for the body when used as prescribed. 

What do I benefit from using sperm enhancers?

There are a lot of benefits you tend to enjoy when you use sperm enhancers. These products help to increase sexual pleasure by improving confidence, increasing strength and stamina, enlarging the penis, and many more. 

Does Masturbation decrease the level of testosterone?

According to studies, ejaculating from masturbation has no direct effect on testosterone levels. This indicates that the level of testosterone doesn’t reduce as you masturbate. 


Semen enhancers such as Semenax, volume pills, max performer, VigRX fertility factor 5 have proved to offer the best results. These are the best semen enhancing pills of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. They offer a lot of benefits that help to improve men’s sexual life. For men who love to enjoy sexual activities and also satisfy their partner, you can achieve these by using these products.  

These male enhancement products are an effective and long-lasting solution for sexual dysfunctions experienced by men. They are all made of natural ingredients and as such, have no side effects. Although these products don’t assure quick results, they offer effective results when used consistently. You don’t need to experience sexual problems before you get these products as they can be used regardless of your sexual status. 

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