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The problem of low performance and lack of confidence in bed is real. That’s the reason why men are on the lookout of the best supplements to curb this problem.

Thanks to Bluechew pills, the unique pills from Bluechew online service that allows men to have the chance to boost their bedroom performance.

This helps men avoid the usual hassles and embarrassment associated with lack of bedroom confidence.

The best part is that

Unlike over the counter pills, BlueChew pills are prescribed online. Besides, if a prospective buyer wants to know whether they can use these products, the company has a free online consultation from professional medical support.

What so special with the bluechew pills is that if the doctors are unable to provide good treatment, the user is guaranteed of a refund.

Note: Bluechew is for those who don’t want commercially available pills.

Let’s dig dipper to find what is all about these pills.

This bluechew review contains all that a prospective buyer would like to know before purchasing the product.One will be able to see how bluechew works, how to use these pills in the best way, how to buy bluechew on discounts or promo codes, among others.

Don’t miss out!

This could be your first and last chance to roam from counter to counter, looking for the best sexual health treatment.

What are Bluechew Pills?

Bluechew is chewable pills that are used by men to boost their sex life. According to the manufacturer, the user is assured of having better sex.

This gets out all the fear of poor performance in bed.

It’s a medication whose subscription services are based in Chicago, USA. Besides, it contains physicians form recognized universities such as UC San Diego School of medicine, among others.

It has one of its kind services of shipping pills directly to the customers. Thus every man can enjoy using these pills at the comfort of their home.

The above is what makes bluechew stand out.

The treatment with these pills is prescribed to meet the best interests of the user. Besides, they contain the right dosage and have some flavor.

Unlike other prescription pills I have researched before, bluechew seems to have a lot of acclaims.


There are so many platforms where they are featured. This can be found on their official website.

How Will I Benefit From Choosing Bluechew?

  • According to the research I conducted, many of the guys had a lot to say. Some of the benefits they gave included.
  • There is no delayed effect after using bluechew. I bet this works depending on an individual.
  • It makes the penis look great as it can. By this, I mean the penis increase in size for the fact that the blood flow increases. But this does make any structural change to the penis.
  • Due to sildenafil, one can still experience erections the next day since the pills stay in the body system for some time.

This has been backed by science. According to a study recorded at the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, sildenafil has a very reliable efficacy when administered before sexual activity.

 What more?

  • It also has rapid absorption and good tolerability that helps in yielding quick onset of sexual intercourse.
  • Additionally, its plasma life helps to produce the right duration of action. At the same time it avoids buildup on repeated daily use.

In summary, the user will enjoy:

  • An esteemed group of physicians from different recognized  institutions
  • The whole process of ordering is reliable.
  • They have testimonials from real users that can be found on their official website
  • Nor doctor-approved scheduled visits, and this saves a lot of time.
  • Additionally, the whole process of purchase is very discreet. 

Are There Any Side Effects With Bluechew?

While most individuals claim to enjoy these pills, there are a few individuals that confessed to experience the below symptoms

  • Headaches,
  • Muscle pain, and
  • Upset stomach.

Just as we said earlier, human beings react differently to almost all prescriptions. Bluechew is not a magic pill, nor is it an exemption from these side effects.

But I bet though this may be true, most of the few side effects experienced are due to failure of following instructions.

As we move one, we will be able to see how one can get to cancel the prescription online and also how one can be able to purchase the product using bluechew promo code and bluechew coupon code.

But before that, let’s see who bluechew is for as there is no good reason to use the pills without a reason to back that up.

Who Is BlueChew Made For?

Bluechew pills are for those men who want to:

  • Boost their bedroom confidence.
  • Treat bedroom anxiety, which can be a result of psychological erectile dysfunction.
  • Any man with erectile dysfunction has the answer with these pills.
  • The user enjoys a high libido that can turn them into a porn star.


The user doesn’t have to depend on rumors swirling across the internet, if not sure of the product, why not take a survey on official website and confirm.

The website doesn’t contain all the information the user may need, and that’s why I have compiled this review.

Whether the product will work for you or not depends on your health.  That’s why there is a physician to give guidance.

Bluechew has passed the test of time because of the comfort and privacy of the user,

Those who have used these pills appreciate the power in them. We all know that problems with maintaining an erection are far much that any healthy man could comprehend.

Whether you’re thinking about boosting your sex life or just looking for more enjoyable sex, these pills have the room to take you a notch.

 If you want to know more about these pills,

Read on!

According to the manufacturer, many users are always ordering the product to treat bedroom anxiety. Others simply order the product to help them stay for a longer time in bed.

Whatever the reason, the main issue is to know whether the product delivers what it promises

How Does Bluechew Works?

Bluechew treats men from conditions that make them stop enjoying their sex life. This is all possible due to the presence of PDE5 inhibitors that helps to relax the penis muscles.

Besides, the flow of blood helps the penis to maintain an erection and hence more satisfying sex.

If the user follows instruction from the manufacturer, it’s no doubt that there will be results.

These tablets work more quickly than regular erectile dysfunction prescriptions.

What Are The Ingredients in Bluechew?

They are made of Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which are always based on the user’s needs.

  • Sildenafil is known to be a potent and selective inhibitor that enhances the nitric oxide pathway that helps to promote penile erection. According to studies, it’s most likely that sildenafil is used by young patients who have issues with erectile dysfunction to help in procreation.  
  • Tadalafil deals with the physiology of penile erection; it’s also beneficial for those who have ED. Clinical studies have proved its efficacy and safety for severe EDs, including the difficulty of treating ED.

The fact that they are chewable makes them be absorbed by the body much faster compared to the erectile dysfunction pills.

How Do I Choose Between Sildenafil and Tadalafil?

Sildenafil takes approximately 20-30 minutes to start their work; this can last for up to 4 or 6 hours. There is no harm to taking it daily. 

For the Tadalafil, it’s the most effective as it lasts between 24-36 hours. Meaning, it resides in the body system for a very long time compared to sildenafil. With this, any man can have all the time to take advantage of the effects.

The choice between the two primarily rests on whether the user is being involved in any sexual intercourse. If one is sure of having regular sexual intercourse, then Tadalafil would be the best choice.

To explain this further

Bluechew has two options based on an individual’s needs. For anyone who wants to have his blood pumping for action after the party is over, the sildenafil option is the best. Conversely, the Tadalafil option is for those who want to keep the body prepared to perform all the time.

Studies have backed this. According to the information from the National Centre for Biotechnology, men who took Tadalafil changed their sexual behavior significantly.

Conversely, sildenafil is suitable for those who are preparing to have intercourse at a predetermined time. This is because it only stays in the system for a short time.

A guy should only use this option when they are sure of having sexual intercourse within a few hours.

According to the National Library of Medicine, sildenafil is recognized for its long term safety and effectiveness. This is mostly to the guys who have erectile dysfunction. It was approved by the FDA to be an effective method for ED.

The results from the research were for men who had used sildenafil for several years.

Some people ask, “Is there any difference between bluechew, Cialis and Viagra?

The answer is right here!

 Difference Between Bluechew, Cialis and Viagra

 Just as we mentioned earlier, bluechew contains sildenafil and Tadalafil.

The difference between this is the amount of dosages contained in each. For instance,

Viagra contains dosages of 25mg or 50mg of sildenafil. It’s only in extreme cases of erectile dysfunction will the user find 100 mg pills. The amount of sildenafil in bluechew is 30mg.

When Viagra is compared with bluechew, we can see that bluechew is much more robust compared to the regular prescription in Viagra.

On the other hand, Cialis contains dosages of 5mg, 10mg, of Tadalafil. In the extreme case of erectile dysfunction, the amount can be 20mg. The amount of Tadalafil in bluechew is 6mg.

With the above, we can see that bluechew is stronger compared to Viagra and Cialis

What About Official Bluechew Promo Codes and Coupon Codes

For those who may be interested in bluechew discounts or promo code, this review has some highlights.

 Not all promo codes are genuine; some need to be verified before one shares his information. Some offer high-value offers, but they are scams.

For bluechew, they have a unique coupon code that gives the user a 20$ rebate on the entire product’s plan one chooses. The bluechew coupon code is all that you need to get your bluechew free trial.


No one wants to get locked up to a site by subscription for no reason, that’s why the company has offered the bluechew free trial.

Taking a step back, the user gets a free consultation, so the process of getting this product is so transparent.

There are no strings attached because even if you subscribed to be getting the product supplied monthly, there is always a chance to cancel the subscription at any moment.

I Would Like To Know How Bluechew Free Trial Works

The process is straightforward for any guy. The consultation is 100% free, where you get to answer questions relating to your erectile dysfunction or any other issue to do with your sexual matters and overall health.

Remember, this is always confidential; there is no point your information will be leaked out.

This information is then passed on to a professional medical doctor who can assess whether there is a need for the bluechew pills.

One of the unique things with the products is about their transparency,

No one would want to joke with their sexual life with a product that doesn’t have all the information.

With the bluechew coupon code, the user can get the first bluechew package. The only small fee the user will have to pay is for the shipping cost, which is around $5.

After ordering, the package is always emailed to the user before the end of the second month.

This gives ample time to decide whether to cancel the subscription of the product if it’s not satisfying or to request and pay for more.

The package is always discreet, and there is no need to worry about noisy neighbors. The package will either contain the prescription for either Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

With this, the user has got a month to use the free sample and decide whether to order again based on how the product will deliver results.


Since individuals react differently to prescription, it’s up to the user to decide the next move based on how the product worked for them.

With this information on hand, we can see how to use the promo codes.

How Can I Use The Bluechew Promo Code

 This is an easy 3 step process that includes:

  • Creating a bluechew account: Here, the user will be required to create an account. What is needed here is that an email address be provided, a password, and the state which the user lives in.
  • Completing the online consultation: Before one user the coupon, one is required to complete some 20 questions. This is to make sure that the user is eligible for the bluechew subscription.
  • Fill in the shipping details and promo code: This is the time to use the promo code. After entering the code, the discount is automatically adjusted to the total amount to be paid.

What Are The Plan Available?

Under the bluechew promo codes, the users will find the option of Sildenafil, where Viagra is the active ingredient or Tadalafil, where Cialis is the active ingredient. The Sildenafil and Tadalafil plan for the first month is as follows:

Bluechew has 4 different plans

  • 100% discount with promo code for Active
  • 66% discount with 10% promo code for Busy
  • 40% discount with 30% promo code for Popular
  • 22% discount with 70% promo code for Pro

For more information, the buyer can visit the bluechew promo code official site


The user should take the time to select the best plan carefully.

For those who may select the “ Active “ plan, they can be assured of getting Bluechew for a free month. Nevertheless, shipping is not inclusive in the free pack.

What Do I Need To Cancel The Bluechew Subscription?

This is pretty simple; the bluechew support has upped their game. They will send an email before the trial period ends.

This gives the user time to either cancel or renews their subscription. Again, if peradventure the user forgot to cancel, one has still got the chance to get refund.

Finally, if the user chooses to use bluechew, they must make sure to go through every plan to ensure they have what is best for them.

If not sure about this, there is a section on their site that guides the user to select the right plan.

One can also read about customer testimonials from the product’s website. Just as it’s stated, I believe these testimonials are from real men, and the testimonials are real too.

The reason is because I also came across many avid users who had almost the same results.

Where To Buy Bluechew And How Much It Costs

For those interested, bluechew can be ordered from its official website

If you’re thinking of trying the bluechew free trial, this is because results were impressive. This is how much it will cost you:

Sildenafil Chewables

  • Active plan with 6 chewables-$20
  • Busy plan with 10 chewables- $30
  • Popular plan with 17 chewables -$50
  • Pro plan with 34 chewables-$90

Tadalafil Chewables

  • Active plan with 4 chewables-$20
  • Busy plan with 7 chewables- $30
  • Popular plan with 14 chewables -$50
  • Pro plan with 28 chewables-$90

For the above plans, if the product doesn’t satisfy, the company offers a full refund except for shipping costs.

 The refund is done if requested within 30 days from the time of purchase.

 A reminder,

To make sure you don’t waste your money with a product that’s not fit for your needs; just make sure to take your time before making the decisions to buy.

Every plan has monthly refills; the digital physician is there to give guidance.

Bluechew Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Bluechew?

Bluechew is a chewable pill that is used to help men have more confidence in their sex life. 

2. Is Bluechew Safe and Legit?

Bluechew is safe and legit since the pills contain FDA approved active ingredients.

3. How Long Does It Take For Bluechew To Work?

Bluechew takes around 30 minutes to start kicking into the system. Besides, if the user wants quick results, one should take them on an empty stomach. 

4. How Many Bluechew Pills Can I Take? 

This depends on an individual. One may choose the best plan according to his sexual activity. For instance, if you don’t have an active sex life and want to improve it once a week, the best would be the Active plan.

5. Is Bluechew Different From Viagra And Cialis?

All these medications are FDA approved to treat ED. However, bluechew comes in lower doses compared to Viagra and Cialis and has proved to be more effective. The other difference is that bluechew changed its system of delivery into chewable tablets.


The unique thing with bluechew is that the user gets to test the product free. This is entirely risk-free since one doesn’t have to use money when trying whether the product will work for them.

From my research, I discovered bluechew is entirely different from other prescriptions. Most of which are so expensive and don’t deliver what they promise.

 Bluechew is just that company that makes any user feel appreciated due to its unique services. For one, the user does have to wait for appointments to see a doctor; everything is just gotten at one’s comfort.

Again, no one gets locked up with the subscription if they want to cancel it.

Thanks to the bluechew support that has enabled the process to be comfortable and hassle-free.

With that, no excuses for men who can’t have better sex with their partners.

 With all this information, why not give bluechew a trial.

To get results, you need to act, get your bluechew free trial and then decide whether the product works for you.

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