Nugenix Reviews: Benefits, Working, Dosage, Pros, and Cons

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Choosing a top notch product to increase your testosterone levels is important, but it can be a little more difficult than you might think. At least, if you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be. So, how do you make sure that you’re getting a product that really works? Well, you’re going to have to look for some advice.

While you were searching you may have stumbled across Nugenix and now you’re wondering if this could be what you’re looking for. Well, there’s a whole lot that you should know about Nugenix before you make that decision. So, let’s take a look at the things you need to know to find out if this is the right product for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Nugenix

Nugenix is a product that is designed to increase your testosterone and help you to build up lean muscle. It’s parent company has been around for over 56 years and that can tell you that they have a good following. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the best product available. You want to make sure that it can actually do what it’s designed to do.

The full name for Nugenix is Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster because it’s intended to increase what is considered the free testosterone in the body. As a result, it’s meant to increase libido and sexual performance. However, testosterone can also increase energy, muscle mass and performance in a number of different ways. 

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The Ingredients

There are a number of ingredients that are included in this product and many of them are going to give you benefits outside of what you would expect from a testosterone booster. In fact, this product is specially designed to make sure that you are getting healthy overall and that your body is naturally producing testosterone. But what are those ingredients?

Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and Zinc – These are three of the standard vitamins that your body needs in order to function properly, and they’re all included to some degree in Nugenix. That means you’re going to get a boost to some of the other things your body is responsible for as well as to your testosterone and everything that it affects.

L-Citrulline Malate – This is a type of amino acid that works within the body to help decrease fatigue. When you’re working out extensively its definitely possible to experience a lot of fatigue. This ingredient will help with that and will also help to improve your blood flow, which is actually going to increase the spread of testosterone and oxygen throughout the body. Both of these will help to improve your overall performance in the gym. 

Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract – This is an active compound in a natural ingredient that can actually help you in a number of ways with your muscle gains. It helps to increase strength, growth and tone as well as helping to increase your libido. And all of this is going to help you feel a whole lot better and achieve a whole lot more when it comes to your workout. There’s still more research going on about this product to see just how well it does for users.

Tribulus Fruit Extract – Finally, you’re going to get this product that’s found in a number of other testosterone boosting products. This is an extract that’s intended to help increase your testosterone naturally, however there hasn’t been a whole lot of research to support the idea that it actually works. Even still, this natural product doesn’t cause any side effects and therefore isn’t a negative addition to the product. At worst it simply doesn’t provide the level of improvement you’d expect. 

The Benefits of Nugenix

The benefits of Nugenix are going to be the next thing that we talk about. First, there have been scientific studies done on some of the ingredients that are included in Nugenix and they actually have been found to increase bioavailable testosterone. That means that you actually can get some good results by taking this product. 

You’ll also have the ability to buy this product at many different places, which makes it more convenient for those who do want to take it. You don’t have to buy directly from the company or from an online retailer. There are actually a number of physical locations that offer Nugenix for sale, which makes it a convenient option for many people.

On the other hand, if you do choose to purchase directly from the website you’re going to have some benefits, like the ability to buy at a discount. That can make it even easier for you to decide to try this product out for yourself and see what happens. That way, you can find out even more about how it actually works before spending a lot of money.

The Downside of Nugenix

Now, on the other side of things you’re not going to get a clear picture of the ingredients that are included in this product. That’s because it’s considered a proprietary blend and the company isn’t required to tell you as a result. That means you don’t actually know how effective it is or even what’s really being blended together to create it. 

You will also need to enhance your training and improve your diet in order to get any real results, which can be a little bit discouraging for some. If you’re not already working out hard and watching what you eat you may find it more difficult to actually achieve the body that you’re looking for. This product isn’t designed to do it alone. 

What Happens Next?

When you take this product you’re going to have several different potential benefits, which start with the benefit of increased testosterone. It’s actually designed to improve both your free testosterone and your total testosterone, which will both help you when it comes to your overall performance both in bed and in the gym. 

With Nugenix you’re also going to have the potential for some additional health benefits because this product is intended to give you plenty of vitamins and minerals that your body actually needs as well. By the time you’re done here, you’re definitely going to have some changes to your body and the way that it performs in many ways. 

Side Effects

You want to make sure that you’re looking at the side effects associated with anything that you plan on taking and with a testosterone booster that can be even more important. With Nugenix you’re going to have no way of knowing for sure the type of side effects that could come from too high of dosing because you don’t actually know the dosing. Too much of the ingredients that are present within this product could result in stomach problems including diarrhea, constipation, cramping and overall discomfort. 

Proper Dosing

When it comes to actually taking this product you’re going to need four capsules per day, which is a higher quantity than you would need with most other products. This can be a little more difficult for some to take, however if you’re looking for the benefits that this product can provide you’re going to want to at least think about it and see if it could work out for you. 

Buying Nugenix

When it comes to actually purchasing this product you’re actually going to have a rather simple time of it. That’s because Nugenix is easy to buy and available directly from the company website. You’re not going to find it in third party locations, which can be a downside for some, however the process of buying on the company website is simple.

The capsules cost $59.99 for a single month, with a five month supply at $179.99. One benefit is that you don’t have to pay for shipping, no matter where you’re going to be sending this product to. Whether you’re shipping in the United States or outside of it, the shipping is entirely paid for by the company. 


So, when it comes down to it what should you know about Nugenix? It’s a quality product that provides you with some good benefits, but is it really the way to go? There are some things to think about before you decide to go with Nugenix for your needs. From the research available and the information that’s provided it’s clear that this product has a good following, but if you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels you may want to keep looking at something a little different.

Testogen is a high-quality product that can help you to increase your testosterone levels in a healthy and safe way. It’s been proven to increase stamina, strength, muscle gain and a whole lot more because of these levels as well. If you’re interested in getting the best you can out of every workout you absolutely need to look for a product that has proven results and won’t cause you to harm in the process. That’s where Testogen really excels. 

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