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My name is Sandra Thomas. I am an enthusiastic medical writer who has made it his business to explore the various health supplements on the market today.

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Thank you for putting your trust in the American Hemochromatosis Society (AHS)

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Besides writing on Hemochromatosis articles, i also write stuff on bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.

Supplements’ manufacturers usually make all sorts of claims because they want their products to sell. Most of the times, a bigger part of these claims are not true. Most people waste their hard-earned cash on supplements that have no impact. I have made it my business to ensure the supplement you pay for will deliver value for your money?

Some supplements can be harmful to some people as well. Many supplements have serious side effects. I believe that you should know such information before paying for such a product. I will not hesitate to let you know of the downsides of any supplement in my reviews if I come across any.

How can I tell whether a supplement is effective?

At I share with you my research, opinions and thoughts. I take my time to dig deep and find the facts about various products. I go the extra mile and test some of the supplements with the help of friends and volunteers. My aim is to ensure the information is present to you is factual and truthful.

My opinions and recommendations are based on my experience with the supplement in question, my research, and the reviews I get from other people who have used the product. I do not necessarily seek to promote or discredit any product. Our reviews are meant to inform and educate rather than promote. pages contain advertisements, but the adverts are not related in any way with our reviews. Our reviews are independent and are not meant to persuade or coerce you to interact with any of the adverts. My main help it to help you compare the various supplements on the market and choose one that would work for you.

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