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All about Hemochromatosis and HGH Levels

Hemochromatosis is an excess iron absorption syndrome that affects your blood, body organs, and hormones. HGH stands for human growth hormone. It is a critical hormone in your body that is responsible for cell development and metabolism. In simple terms, HGH is responsible for the growth and development of your body.

So, how are hemochromatosis and HGH related? What are the effects of hemochromatosis on the HGH levels in your body?

Low HGH levels make you vulnerable to diseases, obese and generally reduces your quality of life. In kids, it can cause stunted growth.

Can hemochromatosis cause low HGH levels?

Yes, it can!

HGH is produced in your pituitary gland. Your pituitary gland requires healthy blood to function properly. If you have uncontrolled hemochromatosis, your blood is not so healthy and the functions of your pituitary gland will be affected.

The result is less production of HGH. We’ve already mentioned that low HGH levels can cause a myriad of health challenges.

A combination of hemochromatosis and low HGH is bad news. Your cells will start becoming weak and ineffective, while your critical organs are already stressed because of the damage on free radicals.

That means that treating and managing hemochromatosis might include managing your HGH levels.

If your hemochromatosis condition is not severe, you might not need any intervention for your HGH levels. Managing the hemochromatosis itself will prevent it from affecting the natural production of HGH in your body. In fact, controlling the hemochromatosis condition is always the priority.

How can you keep your HGH levels high?

Every person should make an effort to keep their HGH levels high even if they do not have hemochromatosis. There are several natural ways of ensuring your HGH production remains high.

Before we outline any of them, we have to talk about HGH supplements.

Can you take HGH supplements if you have hemochromatosis?

Most over the counter HGH supplements a filled with amino acids and mineral nutrients including iron. While these are great for anyone who is not dealing with any health condition, they can significantly increase the absorption of iron in your bloodstream.

If you feel like you must take supplements to boost your HGH levels, you must first talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They will find, for you, a supplement that can boost your HGH levels without making your hemochromatosis condition worse.

Also, supplements should only be used when your HGH levels are critically low. As mentioned above, managing the hemochromatosis itself will prevent your HGH levels from falling further.

Now, let’s discuss the various natural ways in which you can keep your HGH levels high, even if you have hemochromatosis.

Get rid of that body fat. Being overweight and having hemochromatosis is a disaster. It makes it difficult to manage the condition and prevents further complications. When diagnosed with hemochromatosis, the first thing your doctor will try to do is help you lose some weight.

If you are not overweight, work hard to stay that way. Too much body fat inhibits the production of HGH even if you do not have hemochromatosis. Intermittent fasting is a great way of reducing your calorie intake and boosting your HGH levels.

Don’t take too much sugar. If possible, do not take any sugar at all. Too much sugar in your system causes oxidative stress. The hemochromatosis is already causing enough stress. You do not want to add on it. Keep in mind hemochromatosis puts you at risk of getting diabetes. Sugar can also contribute to weight gain, which is a bad thing for your HGH levels and hemochromatosis condition.

Last but not least, the best and most effective way of managing hemochromatosis and boosting HGH levels is a proper diet. Your doctor or nutritionist should help you come up with an appropriate diet plan.

In a wrap, if your hemochromatosis condition is managed well, you will not suffer too much HGH loss. In situations where the condition is severe, your doctor is the only person who can offer appropriate solutions. Do not take any over the counter supplements. Do not start eating certain foods just because someone said they can boost your HGH levels. It is possible to naturally manage hemochromatosis and lead a healthy life.

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